10 October 2017

Welcome return for the Italian FCA Business Days for freelancers and small businesses


  • A month of exclusive opportunities from FCA in association with FCA Band and Leasys for Business customers, ending on 31 October.
  • As well as the best package available, all Business customers will receive an Amazon.it gift voucher worth up to 1,000 Euro, not to mention additional, specific offers for purchase and rental


Until 31 October, the FCA network in Italy features a return of the exclusive offer for Business customers. This is a truly unique opportunity: special initiatives for the world of freelancers and firms that combine the best package available with a free gift for their leisure time.


The Business Days are the ideal time for choosing FCA. Until the end of the month, Business customers purchasing or renting an FCA Group vehicle will receive an Amazon.it gift voucher worth up to 1,000 Euro, spendable on any product category and at the times of choice (single purchase or smaller amounts spread over time).


There are two formulae for entering the FCA world and accessing this opportunity, both developed to provide a complete response, covering both customers who decide to purchase their cars and those who prefer an FCA rental package: 

  • "Be-Lease Business Days", the first fixed-instalment purchase formula with insurance included
  • "Be Free Pro Business Days", the no-worries formula for freelancers which enables them to access an FCA Group vehicle without eating into their capital.


The Business Days are a genuine response to the demands of a clientele which is becoming increasingly aware and demanding in terms of mobility. They represent a new way of communicating with business clientele, with an offering tailored to satisfy both mobility needs and the personal wish-list every customer - including every business customer - has. FCA fits the bill for your business, and your wish-list too.


And customers in this category have already shown their appreciation of FCA's attention to their demands, especially in terms of products and projects such as the specific Business trims for FCA range vehicles, created for example on Tipo, Giulia, Stelvio, Renegade and Compass, and a strategy targeted to meet the needs of those who use their car for their work.



Turin, 10 October 2017



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