31 July 2017

The second edition of the EIA (European Innovation Academy), the international event organised in partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, has just ended in Turin


These have been very hard-working weeks for the engineers and marketing and economics students - from the world's top universities - who have just taken part in the second Italian edition of the EIA, European Innovation Academy. Held in Turin from 10 to 28 July, the EIA is a major technology-based entrepreneurship education event held at Politecnico di Torino's Lingotto campus.
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was also directly involved as a partner in the project: this was only fitting, since FCA is firmly convinced that the development of an innovative ecosystem (which the European Innovation Academy is able to encourage) is a wonderful opportunity for the evolution of competences and professionalisms the automotive industry needs. Central to the development of this ecosystem is the evolution of the Mobility and Industry 4.0 concept, which within FCA is already in part a consolidated technological reality, capable of providing stimulus for entrepreneurship and the development of new ideas and solutions.
For twenty days, the Lingotto was transformed into a creative laboratory, housing 650 young people (from more than 70 countries) and people who already work for the company and were eager to use the Academy's potential to quicken the pace of innovation.
This enabled the EIA innovators to meet mentors and investors from Silicon Valley, Italy and the Turin region, all of whom made their experience available as a tool for promoting technology-based entrepreneurship.
The 2017 edition of the EIA concluded with the presentation of ten projects by the finalist teams chosen from the almost 100 business ideas suggested by the young innovators. The ATPC (Active Tyre Pressure Control) group was particularly outstanding amongst this top ten, with its solution for controlling tyre pressure dynamically, with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and increasing safety. Raffaele Notaro, who works in Product Development, represented Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in the development of this idea.
The investors were also favourably impressed by the two ideas put forward by FCA and prototyped by groups including some of the company's talented young employees. These wereYouCarIdea, a platform for gathering feedback and ideas from customers for the development of cars and accessories, involving our colleagues Francesco Baldi (ICT) and Carolina Malagon (Mopar), and Mercurius, a particularly innovative V2X (Vehicles to Everything) solution, with Marco Evangelista and Andrea Steccanella, both from Product Development.


Turin, 31 July 2017



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