04 May 2017

The FCA Autonomy Programme stars at the Wheelchair Tennis World Championship in Alghero


The "BNP World Team Cup Wheelchair" tennis championship for national teams is about to get serious. The premier event is being held this year in Alghero (Italy) on the courts of the Tennis Club Maria Pia from May 1 to 8
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles could not miss this worldwide relevant appointment (it is the second time that the International Tennis Federation has chosen an Italian location to host the international team event, after the last edition in Tokyo). The auto maker is attending with the Autonomy Programme, which has always been close to disabled athletes of all disciplines, and is partner of the world championship, for which it is supplying a number of Ducato and Doblò vans to guarantee the mobility of participants. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is also making service cars and other Ducato and Talento vans for transporting materials available to the organisers. Finally, some FCA models converted for use by disabled drivers and other outfitted for transporting disabled passengers will be on display alongside the courts where the championship matches are being played out.


Once again by the side of disabled people and differently abled athletes of all categories, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been focusing on mobility related issues for over twenty years and was quick to sponsor the event with Autonomy, the programme designed to provide answers to the needs of customers with reduced motor, sensory or cognitive abilities (and to their caregivers) to help them use cars and secure their freedom of movement.


The Autonomy Programme was created with the goal of encouraging, facilitating and fostering freedom of movement for all and its mobility centres offer practical assistance to disabled customers to solve the problems related to driving a vehicle adapted to their needs. Customers can test their residual motor abilities with special simulators, familiarise with the modified vehicles and hear the opinion of the mobility centre doctors, physiotherapists and experts.


Furthermore, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles facilitates and promotes the mobility of disabled customers with dedicated commercial offers. For example, until June 30, all Autonomy customers who will purchase an FCA car or commercial vehicle will receive the Maximum Care, the package which includes two years of additional warranty on top of the conventional manufacturer's warranty, adding up to four years in total, free of charge. The warranty will apply until the fourth year from the date of first registration of the car or 60 thousand kilometres, whichever first.
Maximum Care is a reason more to appreciate the entire range of FCA vehicles (with the Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Jeep and Fiat Professional brands) which can be rigged up with special devices following the criteria developed by Autonomy. We are talking about simple-to-install solutions which integrate perfectly with the passenger compartment and do not compromise ergonomics, passenger room, comfort or vehicle safety. They complement standard controls meaning that the car can be driven by anyone. In addition, the devices can be easily removed meaning that the car can be sold on either converted or as a standard vehicle. 


The "BNP World Team Cup Wheelchair" started on May 1 at the Alghero Marina with the athlete's parade and the presentation of the event - hosted by Alghero-born celebrity Elisabetta Canalis with a show of local artists - and will end of Sunday May 7 with the finals. The matches will be broadcast live in Italy on channel 879 of Sky and on the digital terrestrial TV from Friday May 5.
As a whole, the championship will involve approximately 400 people, with over 250 disabled athletes representing 24 countries and 42 teams in four categories: men (16 teams), women (12 teams), quad and junior (both with eight teams).
Favourites in the men's category are France and the UK: Italy is lining up Antonio Cippo, Silviu Culea and Ivan Tratter, whose goal is to stay in the main group of the "BNP Paribas World Team Cup".
Once again, favourites in the women's category are the Dutch, who remain undefeated after over 15 years, while Italian talents Marianna Lauro and promising new national champion Giulia Capocci are aiming for a high ranking.
Italy is represented in the quad category by Alberto Corradi, Marco Innocenti and Alfredo Di Cosmo.
The world championship was organised for the first time in 1985 during the US Open and since the early 1990 has been held outside the United States. Since then, the world-class event has been hosted by 16 countries.



Turin, 4 May 2017



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