23 January 2019

Leasys inaugurates “Arte 25”, its new headquarters in Rome


Year 2018 saw Leasys post excellent results, inaugurate a new global headquarters, which consolidates and strengthens its image, and launch many important mobility projects that will set the company of the FCA Bank Group firmly on a growth path as a leading sector player.
This is in essence the message that emerged at the inauguration of "Arte 25", Leasys's new headquarters, a sophisticated, state-of-the-art building located at EUR, a prestigious and vibrant district of Rome. Actually, the latest commercial performance speaks volumes. At the end of December, total new contracts amounted to 70,000, up 21%* on the same period of the previous year.
Leasys distinguished itself in numerous areas, improving its performance in line with its mission as Mobility Pioneer.


1.     New mobility and international presence - An innovative approach drove the international expansion of Leasys, which solidified its presence in Europe through the acquisition or establishment of new car rental companies in such important markets as France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. The results of this process are definitely encouraging, as they laid the groundwork for a further expansion in other countries that will begin in 2019. 
Leasys's internationalization is the natural consequence of its success in Italy - as well as part of the overall strategy of the FCA Bank Group - where it is one of the main industry players. The company aims to increase its market share by promoting more aggressively to individuals and fleets the new range of FCA products, thanks to the extensive geographical presence of its subsidiaries.

2.     New products and digital projects - In 2018 Leasys broadened its offering for individuals and SMEs with the launch of "Come Nuovo" ("As New") and "Noleggio Chiaro" ("Clear Rental"), two innovative products that were given a positive reception in Italy, thanks to the flexibility and affordability designed specifically to appeal to these two customer segments. Another important project that this year placed Leasys, once again, at the forefront with its ability to interpret the new mobility and sharing economy requirements was definitely U-Go, the new rental platform for individuals launched recently.


The inauguration of "Arte 25" fits perfectly Leasys's evolution process. The ribbon-cutting ceremony - attended by Philippe Dumont (FCA Bank's Chairman), Andrea Faina (Head of Group Financial Services FCA), Giacomo Carelli (CEO of FCA Bank) and Alberto Grippo (CEO di Leasys) and other members of the Board of Directors of FCA Bank - is only one of the many and important steps in the company's growth path. In fact, with its decision to set up a modern, welcoming and fully digitalized headquarters, Leasys underscored its intention to enhance the prestige and strength of the brand. The "new home" of the mobility and long-term car rental company projects a modern, well-defined and recognizable image, reinforcing the identification of the employees with the company and providing utmost comfort in terms of space, light and acoustics, as well as various break areas.
In addition,  references to the Italian DNA of the multinational Group and the company's Mission are in the new telepresence and meeting rooms, which are named after the great pioneers of mobility: from Gianni Agnelli to Enzo Ferrari, to Leonardo da Vinci, to Christopher Columbus. However, historical roots go hand in hand with technological development, with numerous smart meeting points and touch screen monitors placed in different parts of the building, which make it easier to disseminate a philosophy focused on innovation that pays constant attention to the new digital technologies, with utmost respect for the environment. Last but not least, the building contains a space where events will be hosted and highly valuable artworks exhibited for 3 months at a time, cast in the light that they deserve.
The headquarters hosted some masterpieces by Raffaello Arcangelo Salimbeni, thanks to the co-operation with the MUSEC, the Museum of Cultures in Lugano managed by Francesco Paolo Campione; now works by Spartaco Libero Andreotti are on display and visible until May 12th.
"Arte 25" becomes today the new stylistic trait of the company, an important step in Leasys's growth path.


* All data: Leasys's internal sources


Rome, 23rd January 2019



A leading player in the long-term car rental market and automotive services in Italy, Leasys SpA was founded in September 2001 and is wholly owned by the FCA Bank Group, an equally-held joint venture of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole. Leasys operates a fleet of approximately 250,000 vehicles (of which one-third made up of commercial vehicles) in the European countries where it operates (cars, commercial vehicles and converted vehicles of all brands, but mostly FCA brands), serving large companies, small and medium enterprises, government entities, professionals and individuals. Through Winrent and Clickar, Leasys is also one of the main Italian companies in short-term car rental and online fleet vehicle sales.


FCA Bank S.p.A.

FCA Bank is a bank engaging mainly in car financing, with the objective of meeting all mobility requirements, including through its Leasys S.p.A. subsidiary. It is an equally-held joint venture of FCA Italy S.p.A., a company of global car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a company of the Crédit Agricole Group, leader in consumer credit. The company provides financial products to support the sales of prestigious car brands in Italy and in Europe. Loan, lease, rental and mobility financing programmes provided by FCA Bank S.p.A. are specifically designed for the sale networks, private customers and corporate fleets. FCA Bank S.p.A. has a presence in 17 European countries and in Morocco, directly or through subsidiaries. At 30 June 2018, FCA Bank had a credit portfolio of approximately €26 billion.


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