17 July 2018

June 2018 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sales in Europe


Comment on FCA's June Sales in Europe


In June, FCA sales in Europe totaled 104,100 vehicles with market share at 6.4% for the month. Jeep posted a particularly strong performance, with June sales up 72.1% year‐ over‐year to more than 16,000 vehicles. For the six months year‐to‐date, Jeep brand sales were up 67.6% to 90,300 vehicles. Alfa Romeo sales were also higher year‐over‐ year, with 50,300 vehicles sold in the first six months (+8.8%). The Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda continued to dominate the European A segment with a 29.0% segment share for the year‐to‐date. Several other FCA models also posted positive results. The Jeep Renegade continued as one of the best‐selling vehicles in its segment. Already among the leaders in their respective segments in Italy, the Jeep Compass, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Alfa Romeo Giulia also continued to gain ground across Europe. The Fiat 500L, Fiat 500X and Fiat 124 Spider were among the best‐sellers in their segments in June, while the Fiat Tipo ranked first in the Italian C segment.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles posted June sales in Europe (EU28+EFTA) of 104,100 vehicles with market share at 6.4%. For the six months year‐to‐date, sales totaled 596,800 vehicles and market share was 6.9%.
The Group's June sales were up 30.8% year‐over‐year in France (+9.2% for the industry) and 14.6% in Spain (+8.0% for the industry).


Jeep brand sales in June were up 72.1% to more than 16,000 vehicles. European market share was 40 basis points higher year‐over‐year at 1.0%.
Year‐to‐date, brand sales were up 67.6% to nearly 90,300 vehicles and market share was 40 basis points higher at 1.0%.
In June, the brand posted positive results in all major markets, with sales in Italy up 91.7%, Germany +42.6%, France +11.3%, the UK +77.4% and Spain +95.5%.
The Jeep Renegade maintained its popularity with nearly 6,900 vehicles sold in June and more than 41,000 sold for the year‐to‐date. The Compass - which, in Italy, entered the top ten in June and led its segment with a 12.8% share - posted European sales of nearly 7,800 vehicles in June and 41,000 for the year‐to‐date.


Alfa Romeo closed June with more than 8,400 vehicles sold and European market share at 0.5%. Year‐to‐date, brand sales were up 8.8%, to nearly 50,300 vehicles, and share was 10 basis points higher at 0.6%.
Over the same period, brand sales were up 8.1% in Italy, 5.0% in Germany and 4.7% in France.
The brand's flagship models continued to achieve excellent results. After a rapid climb to segment leader in Italy, the Stelvio (the brand's first‐ever SUV) is already among the top ten in Europe with more than 3,200 vehicles sold in June (+87.6% year‐over‐year) and nearly 16,900 sold year‐to‐date (+180.9%). The Giulia also turned in a positive performance in the highly‐competitive D segment.


Fiat brand posted European sales of more than 74,800 vehicles in June, with market share at 4.6%. Year‐to‐date, brand sales totaled 423,900 vehicles and market share was 4.9%.
Brand sales in France were up 42.4% in June and 19.7% year‐to‐date, while sales in Spain were up 4.8% in June and 11.5% year‐to‐date.
The 500 and Panda continued as the two best‐selling vehicles in the European A segment, with June sales of more than 20,000 vehicles (+6.4%) for the 500 and 14,600 for the Panda. The two models accounted for a combined segment share of 28.0% in June and 28.9% year‐to‐date.
The Tipo continued as the best‐selling C segment model in Italy and was very popular elsewhere in Europe. The 500L was among the leaders in its segment once again with a 19.3% share year‐to‐date. The 500X was among the top ten in its segment with June sales up 13.7% to more than 10,000 vehicles. The 124 Spider was among the top five in its segment with June sales up 20.5% year‐over‐year.


Lancia/Chrysler sold 4,000 vehicles in June with European market share at 0.2%. Year‐to‐date, brand sales totaled nearly 27,300 vehicles, with share at 0.3%.
In Italy (the only market where the brand is sold), the Lancia Ypsilon maintained its popularity ranking fourth overall and accounting for a nearly 10.0% share of the Italian B segment.


For Maserati, the Group's luxury brand, European sales totaled 726 vehicles in June and 4,419 for the year‐to‐date.


London, 17 July 2018


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