15 February 2019

January 2019 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sales in Europe


Comment on FCA's 2019 January Sales in Europe


  • FCA closed January with European sales totaling nearly 72,600 vehicles and market share at 5.9% in a weaker market.
  • Excluding the Italian market, where the industry decrease was greater than for Europe overall, FCA's market share remained stable at 3.1%.
  • Jeep brand models posting increases included the Renegade (+2.1%), Cherokee (+16.3%) and Wrangler (+98.7%).
  • The Fiat Panda was the best-selling model in the European A segment with sales up 21.8% over the prior year.
  • Double record for Lancia with more than 6,600 vehicles sold (best monthly sales since March 2017) and sales up 54.9% year-over-year (the highest increase of any brand in Europe).
  • FCA continued to optimize sales in retail, true fleet and long-term rental channels.


Comment from Pietro Gorlier (Chief Operating Officer for the EMEA region)

"Despite a weak start for the industry, FCA scored significant sales successes in January: these included best-sellers in the A segment with the Panda and 500, record sales for Lancia and a year-over-year improvement in the UK for Jeep. Moreover, in January FCA continued the strategy - initiated in the latter part of 2018 - of optimizing sales in the retail, true fleet and long-term rental channels. In the ten major European markets, from August to December FCA's retail mix increased by 16 percentage points, a level significantly above the market."


Results by Brand

Jeep posted January sales of 12,360 vehicles with market share stable at 1.0%. The brand had a particularly positive performance in the UK with sales increasing 58.3% year-over-year compared to a 1.6% decline for the market. The Renegade and Cherokee continued to post positive results with sales increasing 2.1% and 16.3%, respectively. For the Wrangler, January sales were up 98.7% over the prior year.


Alfa Romeo sales in January totaled nearly 4,900 vehicles and market share was 0.4%. In the UK, the brand closed the month with sales up 7.9% year-over-year. The brand's flagship Stelvio was leader in its segment in Italy, while European market share was substantially in line with 2018.


Fiat brand posted January sales of more than 48,200 vehicles with market share at 3.9%. In Germany, brand sales were up 7.9% year-over-year compared with a 1.4% decrease for the market.

The Panda was the most popular vehicle in the European A segment (17.0% share) with sales up 21.8% year-over-year to nearly 18,200 vehicles. The Panda and 500 (second in the A segment) held a combined 28.8% segment share for the month.


Lancia posted a record 54.9% increase with sales totaling more than 6,600 vehicles for the month.  Market share was up 0.2 percentage points to 0.5%. This was Lancia's best monthly performance since March 2017. The Ypsilon was the best-selling model in the B segment in Italy and ranked second overall behind the Fiat Panda.


London, 15 February 2019



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