01 August 2019

FCA sponsors the EBEC competition for European polytechnic students


The tenth edition of the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), Europe's biggest engineering competition for students, ended at the Politecnico in Turin: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles took part in the event as official sponsor.
The Turin university hosted the final phase of the competition, in which Europe's 120 best young engineers, divided into 30 teams of 4 members each, competed for victory in two different categories: "Team Design" and "Case Study".
Held annually, the competition - organised by the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) - aims to develop participants' creativity, team spirit and managerial skills by means of a highly competitive contest, requiring them to use both their theoretical and their practical knowledge to best advantage.
In the "Case Study" category, the students took each other on in the resolution of a complex theoretical problem, while in the "Team Design" category participants designed and then built a prototype model.
In the 2019 edition, the EBEC involved 6,500 students who - via the knock-out stages held during the year in 32 countries - took part in a single event, in which businesses and universities from all over Europe were able to share their know-how.
The opening day of the competition, held at the MAUTO (Turin automotive museum) was attended - together with representatives of other companies - by Roberto Fedeli, Head of FCA Global Innovation and Chief Executive Officer of the FCA Research Centre (CRF). During his address, very well received by the students, Fedeli reminded the 120 finalists of the importance in the automotive industry of correlation between product needs, technological evolution and the knowledge that young engineers must possess in order to contribute to the design and development of the cars of the future.
Fedeli also underlined the fundamental role which autonomous driving, e-mobility and deep learning will be playing in coming years, urging the young engineers to expand their knowledge base as far as possible through study.
By supporting the Board of European Students of Technology and the European BEST Engineering Competition, FCA once again confirmed its strong belief in high-level university education and its support for the training of Europe's youngest, most talented engineers.


Turin, 1 August 2019



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