07 July 2017

FCA participated to the final event of the AdaptIVe European project on “Vehicle Automated Manoeuvres”


Aachen, in Germany, has recently hosted the AdaptIVe Final Event Congress and Roadshow "Driving Automation" with more than 250 experts from 20 countries all over the world. The AdaptIVe project, co-funded by the European Commission DG-CONNECT and supported by EUCAR, sees the cooperation of car makers, suppliers, and research institutes at pre-competitive level on the topic of "vehicle automated manoeuvres". During the two days of the event, the AdaptIVe project showcased automated driving functions in eight passenger cars of different OEMs and in one truck in the Aachen area. The testing scenarios included low speed parking in a multi-level garage, mid-speed urban driving in a test track, and high-speed highway driving up to 130 km/h. With 28 partners from eight countries across Europe, AdaptIVe advanced the technical performances of vehicle automated systems. The project tested and developed integrated applications in relevant road scenarios, affording different levels of traffic complexity. Among the other car makers, FCA, in collaboration with CRF, the research centre of FCA, contributed to the project with the development and testing of automated vehicle manoeuvres on a prototype demonstrated at the Final Event. The FCA AdaptIVe demonstrator vehicle showcases different functionalities, including adaptation to speed limits, lane keeping, frontal vehicle following with stop&go, overtaking, and capability to adapt to the level of support according to the complexity of the scenario and to driver's requests. The key concept is to structure the automated manoeuvres in multiple behavioural levels, allowing scalability to enable the introduction of advanced driver support systems also on middle and low segment cars.


Turin, 7 July 2017



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