27 June 2018

FCA-EIB: EUR 420 million loan for R&D projects


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (NYSE: FCAU/ MTA: FCA) ("FCA") has signed today with the European Investment Bank ("EIB"), a € 420 million four-year loan to support research and development ("R&D") projects to be implemented by FCA during 2018-2020.


FCA investment in R&D for the period 2018-2020 has a number of key objectives including  electrification technology solutions for hybrid and battery electric vehicles and the development of autonomous driving.


Moreover, the R&D activities will be dedicated to the application of connectivity technologies for the offering of telematics services on FCA product line up. The R&D projects include also the development of digital technologies to be deployed in manufacturing processes.


The loan consolidates EIB collaboration with FCA. 


Turin, 27 June 2018



For further information:
tel.: +39 (011) 00 63088
Email: mediarelations@fcagroup.com



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