11 March 2019

FCA and Trade Unions Renew Labor Agreement for Italian Employees


(CCSL), which expired 31 December 2018, with the trade unions FIM-CISL, UILM-UIL, FISMIC, UGLM and AQCFR. The agreement, which is valid for the four-year period 2019-2022, applies to the 66,000 Group employees in Italy.


The agreement provides for a 2% annual increase in contractual compensation and an enhancement of the annual performance-based bonus linked to the achievement of productivity and efficiency targets forming part of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program.


In addition to compensation, the new agreement includes three other key elements:


1) enhancements to the company's benefits system, including consolidation of the flexible benefits program and strengthening of the supplementary pension and healthcare schemes 


2) completion of the system of representation which, with the positive experience of the past four years, not only represents a reference model for dialogue with the trade unions, but has also become integral to the Group's industrial approach in Italy


3) definition of the simplified classification system introduced on an experimental basis with the previous contract renewal


Pietro Gorlier, Chief Operating Officer for FCA's EMEA Region, commented: "Today's agreement - together with the industrial plan for Italy which, with a great sense of responsibility, we confirmed in the past few days - represents a further commitment to all Group employees in Italy and to the country as a whole. We believe this creates the conditions necessary to best address the challenges we face over the next few years. We are confident that everyone will do their part."



London, 11 March 2019



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