18 January 2018

FCA and Hertz celebrate 40 years of partnership in Holland


The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Hertz mark another important European record: the 40 years of partnership between FCA Netherlands and Hertz, the rental company that operates in 145 countries worldwide. The relationship with Fiat started in 1978 and today also concerns Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Abarth and Fiat Professional.


Car number 20,000 of this profitable partnership was handed over a few days ago.
The hand-over ceremony was attended by Henk van den Helder, General Director of Hertz Rent A Car Benelux, and Hans van der Plas, Fleets & Business Sales Director of FCA Netherlands.


Henk van den Helder declared: "For many years, Hertz and FCA have invested in the quality of their partnership. I still remember the first Fiat 127 and 128. We are satisfied and proud of our relationship with FCA and of the value of our partnership. Even more importantly, Hertz, Thrifty and Dollar customers love FCA products. It is a truly successful combination".


"A lot has changed over the past forty years and the partnership with Hertz has constantly consolidated", commented Hans van der Plas, Fleets & Business Sales Director of FCA Netherlands. "This is why we believe in the high value of our relationship. Customers explicitly ask for our products. The strength and quality of our brands are confirmed every time Hertz chooses a vehicle of ours".


Turin, 18 January 2017



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