31 January 2019

2018 Bonus for FCA Employees in Italy


FCA communicated to trade unions today the amount of the 2018 efficiency bonus to be paid to all Group employees in Italy in February, as provided in the FCA collective labor agreement.


Measurement of actual performance, which may vary by production unit, is based on the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system.


Group plants achieved an overall improvement in results, with the Pomigliano and Verrone plants setting the benchmark for excellence for the fourth consecutive year. Employees at these two plants will receive an average bonus of €1,580.


All FCA employees in Italy will receive an average bonus equal to more than 5.5% of their base compensation, or more than €1,250. This is the best result achieved in the four years of the current contract.


The compensation scheme introduced in July 2015 provides all Italian employees direct participation in achievement of the productivity, quality and profitability targets established in the Group's business plan.


London, 31 January 2019


For further information:
tel.: +39 (011) 00 63088
Email: mediarelations@fcagroup.com



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